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Automated Phone Surveys

Fast and Inexpensive

New service -- Thompson Information Services is now offering automated phone surveys.

Automated phone surveys are a fast and inexpensive way to telephone interview lists of respondents by telephone.  It works like this:

  • Our computers dial relevant phone numbers from your list, or from lists we provide.  Calls are on the days and times you require.  If needed, we can filter against do not call lists.  Busy and unanswered calls may be recalled as often as you specify.  If desired, messages may be left on answering machines.
  • Typically, after a recorded voice introduction to the survey, 1 to 50 pre-recorded questions may be asked.  After each question, the system waits for a response, and then delivers the next question.  Closed-end questions are answered by pressing a Touchtone key.  Open-end answers are voice recorded for later analysis.
  • The system stores all results for processing with our extensive analysis and reporting tools.

Primarily for short, simple surveys,  automated phone surveys are ideal for:

  • Member surveys
  • Customer loyalty studies
  • Political Surveys
  • News polls
  • Preliminary screening/recruitment for focus groups or other research projects
  • Automated reminders for focus groups, mail surveys, and other research events
  • Automated meeting announcements and reservations

For More Information Contact:

Thompson Information Services
12408 Braxted Drive, Orlando, FL 32837
Tel: 407-856-1593
FAX: 407-856-1593
Internet: terry@thompsoninfo.com


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