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Internet Surveys


Thompson Information services offers a variety of Internet based data collection tools, and the expertise to find the best solution for your needs.

Internet interviewing has reached the critical mass to compete with, and often improve upon, traditions survey methods like phone, personal interviewing, and mail surveys.  Some advantages include...

Key Benefits

  • Reduced interviewing cost, as well as no need to print and distribute questionnaires.
  • Speedy turnaround.
  • Ability to show advertising and other stimulus materials, including print, sound and video clips, and packages.  The time of presentation is controlled (no reading ahead).
  • No interviewer bias.
  • Anonymity allows more honest responses to sensitive questions.
  • Full survey logic control, including skip patterns, randomization of selected questions, piping of answers into wording of later questions, and control over quotas for various types of respondents.
  • Multi-language options, with respondent preference.
  • Improved cooperation rates, as the survey can be completed at each respondent's convenience.
  • Security, via invitations, passwords, and prevention of ballot box stuffing.
  • Hosting, on our site to anonymity, or to appear as an integral part of your Web site.
  • Real time access to top line results.

We provide custom survey programming, sample management, data management and analysis, and executive reporting with action recommendations.

Types of Internet Surveys

Depending on your needs, we will recommend the best of several Internet survey tools.

E-mail Surveys
Respondents receive an e-mail with a short simple survey.  They simply complete the survey and return it by replying to the e-mail.  E-mail surveys are not for long surveys, or for surveys requiring logic control.  But they can provide fast results when you have only a few questions.
Web Surveys
Initial lists of respondents can come from your lists (customers, employees, members, etc.) or from highly targeted lists we obtain of people who have agreed to answer surveysWe do not spam.  Typically, sampled respondents receive an invitation by e-mail with a link to the survey site and a one-time password ID.  There might also be pre-recruiting by mail or phone.  Respondents can begin the survey, and finish at a later time.  Web surveys allow extremely complex surveys with full logic control, display of pictures and audio/video clips, screening to eliminate inappropriate respondents, and quota control for a balanced sample.
Internet Discussions
Sometimes incorrectly called Internet focus groups, Internet discussions may be either real-time moderated discussions, or discussion forums where respondents can follow various discussion threads, contributing whenever they have something to say.  Either way, earlier comments provide thought stimulus for later comments.  Though usually by invitation only, these on-line discussions might also be open should that be appropriate.

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