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Thompson Information Services conducts telephone interviews among consumers, executives, and professionals.  All telephone interviewing is done from computer controlled facilities where interviewers are carefully screened, trained, supervised, and monitored.  We require at least 10% of each interviewers' work to be monitored by a supervisor, with ongoing training for highest interviewing quality and results in which you can have confidence.

Computers have replaced problematic paper questionnaires for virtually all of our telephone surveys.  Computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) offers many advantages.

This is a brief description of the service ...

Key Benefits

  • Highest quality interviewing, as the computer controls all complex logic, such as conditional branching (no irrelevant questions asked),  piping (answers to certain questions used in wording to later questions), and math controls (such as answers that must total 100%). 
  • Call rules computer enforced, so calls are scheduled by time zone, callbacks are made when scheduled, and the required number of attempts are made before dropping a number as unreachable.
  • Accurate accounting of each call attempt and outcome, so incidence, cooperation, and other completion problems are quickly identified and resolved.
  • Top-line data in real-time, as answers to closed end questions are computerized at the completion of each interview.
  • Lower cost, as printing and collating questionnaires are eliminated, computer autodialing minimizes interviewer time between interviews, and most editing and keypunching is eliminated.
  • Faster results, as closed end results are immediately computer ready for cross-tabulation and analysis on completion of interviewing.


We offer the extras to make sure that each CATI survey meets your needs. 

Our sample methods include random digit dialing (rdd) and many lists such as those provided by D&B, Genesys, Survey Sampling, and Thomson Financial.  Professional statistical advice is available to design random samples or stratified quota samples, according to your needs.
Language of Choice
When appropriate, we have access to multi-lingual interviewers and skilled translators, allowing respondents to be surveyed in the language they are most comfortable with.  English or Spanish is the most common option, but other languages can be arranged.
Client Monitoring
We can arrange for you to monitor interviewing from the comfort of your home and office.  Hearing some interviews often provides additional insights from tone of voice or respondent comments.  Monitoring of pre-tests allows for questionnaire refinements and corrections before full interviewing commences.
Rapid Turnaround
When time is of the essence, such as in news polls, we can arrange for data to be available via a password protected Internet file transfer, or via email attachment.
Interactive Voice Response/TouchTone
Some rather simple incoming or outgoing phone surveys use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or TouchTone technology, minimizing or eliminating the need for human interviewers.

CATI Experience

Terry Thompson, our Managing Director, has held executive positions with Savitz Research, and with Chilton Research Services (the pioneer in CATI research).  A few of the organizations for which Mr. Thompson has conducted CATI studies include:

Aetna Insurance (commercial insurance brokers and agents)
American National Bank (Tenn.)
Baltimore Evening Sun (news polls)
BASF (ag-chem) 
Beechnut Nutrition
Bell Atlantic
Boston Consulting Group (telecom)
Brandeis University (elder care)
CSX Transportation
Eckerd Drugs
Edward Lowe Foundation (entrepreneurs)
First Pennsylvania Bank
Friends Services for the Aging
Hanover Brands (consumer foods)
ICI Pharmaceuticals
Kiwi Brands
Mercury Marine
Mobay Industries (automotive chemicals)
National Liberty Insurance
Nemours Children's Clinics
Orlando Sentinel
Pennsylvania State University (elder care)
Philadelphia Electric
Wampler-Longacre (poultry)
Western Auto

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