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We have replaced most paper face-to-face and self-administered surveys with Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI).  CAPI is well suited for convention attendee surveys and sign-ins, high traffic location surveys (shopping malls, restaurants, airports, lobbies, theme parks, etc.), and voter exit polls.

Key Benefits

  • Highest quality, as the computer controls all complex logic, such as conditional branching (no irrelevant questions asked),  piping (answers to certain questions used in wording to later questions), and math controls (such as answers that must total 100%).
  • Honest answers, as self-administered surveys are administered by an impartial, non-judgmental computer.
  • Lower cost, as printing, collating, shipping and keypunching are minimal or eliminated.
  • Faster results, as closed end results are immediately computer ready for cross-tabulation and analysis on completion of interviewing.

CAPI Methods

We offer several types of CAPI, recommending the best tools for your particular needs and circumstances.

Notebook Computers
Complex questionnaires can be programmed for notebook PCs.  Tablet PCs even allow capture of such freehand responses as  signatures, or sketches to clarify an answer.  Typically an interviewer is involved due to the expense and portability of the computers.
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) allow ultra-portable CAPI.  PDAs are great when interviewers must approach busy respondents, such in airports, convention floors, or voter polling locations.  Or respondents with their own PDAs and Internet access can be surveyed without interviewers, as we can download the computerized questionnaire, and upload responses.
Cell Phones
Cell phones can be useful for on-location surveys, usually by prior recruitment and arrangement.  Calls can be incoming or outgoing, at an appointed time or at respondent convenience.  Replys can be recorded by a live interviewer, IVR, or TouchTone.
Touch Screen Survey Kiosks
Touch screen kiosks for self-administered personal interviews can be set up in high traffic locations, such as convention floors, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, or in stores and restaurants.  The kiosks can be permanent, or very short term.  Typically, survey access is by password protected invitation.

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