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The Internet has brought access to an overwhelming amount of information, including valuable and useful data, sales motivated hype and exaggeration, and biased or malicious misinformation.

We have years of experience locating data sources using traditional library searches.  We now apply this experience to finding what you really need, online or off, while filtering out the irrelevant and misleading.

Locating and separating the truly valuable and useful data from the rest requires more than a simple Google search.  We also search various specialized databases, online and physical libraries, government agencies, corporate reports to stockholders, and trade organizations.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient searches, using our experience to save your valuable time.
  • Accurate, as we screen the data you really need from the rest.
  • Analysis, using our statistical decision tree and data mining tools as appropriate.
  • Recommendations for further research or business action, based on our extensive experience applying raw data to marketing and other business opportunities.

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