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Thompson Information Services offers a wide range of marketing research and analytic tools and services.

We begin with seasoned marketing research executives helping you asses your circumstances, goals, and needs.  We adapt to your unique organizational structure and management climate.  Whether you are doing long term strategic development, or responding to an immediate problem or opportunity,  we combine our extensive experience with the best research practices to provide you with a sound and informed basis to guide your decision making for future successes.

Our proposed solutions are designed custom for your unique business climate, taking into consideration your objectives, your organizational culture, your industry structure and practices, and your unique opportunities to set yourself apart from the rest.

We use our internal resources and strategic executive alliances from a variety of industries and disciplines to assemble a project team for your unique situation.  Our custom team approach often provides valuable insights only available with experience.   Our experience and alliances result in highest quality and budget saving efficiencies.

To ensure that you get the most from your research, we are there for you after your project is complete.  We work with you and your team to help apply results for maximum benefit.

In short, we apply our experience before, during, and after each study.  We work with you to gather actionable information, at a reasonable budget, and with results in which you can have confidence.

Qualitative Research/Focus Groups

Focus groups, mini groups, in-depth interviews, executive interviews, and behavior observation provide a rich understanding of marketplace dynamics often essential to product development and refinement, optimal marketing positioning, and the development of new advertising/promotional strategies.  Qualitative research is a great stimulator of creative thinking.  Qualitative efforts are often the first step in developing a complete research program.

Internet Surveys

Internet research has come of age.  Internet surveys are fast and relatively inexpensive.  The Internet is a great way to survey busy executives, membership lists, and consumers from many walks of life.  On-line discussions can provide an alternative to focus groups when respondents are not able to readily convene at one location, or when a degree of anonymity is needed to encourage respondent candor.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

Computers programmed for the specifics of your survey, guide the dialing, question wording and sequence, scheduling of callbacks, and data entry.  Interviewer efficiency is maximized.  Interviewer error and bias is minimized.  Elimination of most manual keypunching improves overall data accuracy, shortens schedules, and reduces budgets.

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)

CAPI improves upon traditional paper surveys.  CAPI uses computer technology to make personal interviewing efficient, accurate, and interesting.  Sensitive subjects can be better researched by offering respondent privacy and anonymity.  We offer CAPI in central locations like shopping malls, stores, conventions, and airports.  Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), laptops, portable kisocks, cell phones, library Internet terminals, WiFi access hot spots, voice recognition, and touch-tone recognition allow personal opinion collection in widely diverse situations.

Data Searches/Competitive Intelligence

Sometimes called "secondary research" or "library research," huge amounts of information on markets and competitors can be obtained from Internet data searches, in libraries, and from various government agencies and industry organizations.  But information quality, accuracy, and lack-of-bias is less obvious.  We draw on the extensive experience and resources of our executives and alliances to screen the mass of data, providing you with only the most useful and actionable information.



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