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Thompson Information Services uses a variety of state-of -the-art technology to manage your project efficiently and accurately.

Data Input Tools   
We use several data collection software packages, and are experienced at making them work for you.  Survey software includes Ci3, Survey Solutions, and Survey SystemPDAs and laptop computers allow computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) quickly and accurately almost anywhere.  Touch screen surveys are a fun and accurate way to survey customers, employees, or the public at your site.  Scanners input data from paper questionnaires without manual keypunch.  And we can set up bar code solutions to track admissions, inventories, and sales.

Analysis Tools
For database management and analysis of your vital research data, we utilize several top-rated industry specific solutions.  As appropriate to your project, these may include MicroTab (survey cross tabulations), Survey System (interviewing/tabulation/statistical analysys), Stats (statistical analysis), KnowledgeSeeker (decision tree statistical analysis), and DataFit (statistical regression analysis).

We and our team partners also work with a variety of database and spreadsheet applications, including MS Access, Paradox, Oracle, Outlook, Siebel, SPSS, SAS, Excel,  and several others.

Research results are presented to our clients in such widely used formats as Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML.  This makes in easy to communicate your research results to your executives, staff, agencies, and customers, as appropriate.

Custom Programming
Your organization's situation is unique, and off the shelf software may not be all you need to get the most from your research information.  When appropriate, we can provide custom programmed solutions.




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